We have our newly launched pay monthly memberships now available!

A monthly membership has been something that our clients have been asking us for, for a while.  We thought this was a great idea and we always aim to please, so here we have our newly launched pay monthly memberships.


By starting a membership it makes salt therapy available to a larger number of clients as we find that some of our clients prefer the option of paying monthly as opposed to buying a block of sessions. 

The most significant benefit of starting a Salt Therapy membership is that it keeps our clients more consistent with their sessions.  We often explain that regular sessions are needed in order to gain the most benefit from Salt Therapy, however when clients have a block of sessions that don't expire they are less likely to keep regular sessions.  This is exactly why we have launched our pay monthly memberships as we want our clients to receive the most benefits from our treatment and this can be achieved by regular weekly sessions. 

In order to provide memberships that meet everyone's individual needs, we have developed all our options to have various durations as well as various options of how many sessions per week. 

Membership Options 

3 Month Memberships

6 Month Memberships

12 Month Memberships

Please read our Membership agreement before signing up, we also recommend printing off a copy for your own records.