A trip to the shops isn't as simple as you think!

A trip to the shops is something that is often taken for granted, when it's something so simple we don't realise how for so many people with a respiratory just trying to get the weekly shopping is as intensive as trying to run a marathon.

A respiratory condition such as asthma or COPD can make a trip to the shops very difficult for your breathing and can leave you breathless and gasping for air.

However, there is a completely natural and drug-free treatment that can help make a trip to the shops, a walk or even just going for coffee that can help take the pressure off your breathing and make something that seems so daunting a bit more enjoyable.

Salt Therapy is naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as being a powerful natural antihistamine. Salt Therapy can help to reduce inflammation in the airways and help expel excess mucus making the airways clearer and easing breathing.

We offer the first session free for all new customers, so you can come and try the healing benefits of salt therapy for your self.

Book now by calling us on 01463 417956 or you can use our online booking form at

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