Thunderstorm Asthma

Thunderstorm Asthma ⛈️⛈️

Did you even know this was a thing⁉️⁉️

During a thunderstorm, there are atmospheric changes that take place, during these changes pollen grains and mould spores are thrown high up into the air and are exposed to higher levels of moisture. Because of this the pollen grains then burst dispersing the particles in lots of smaller pieces. 🌾

When pollen grains are intact, they are usually too large and get trapped in the upper airways and don’t make it into the lungs. However, when the pollen has been broken into smaller particles during a thunderstorm, they can then enter the smaller airways of the lungs which can trigger asthma symptoms or even an attack. ⚡🌫️

At the same time, those who suffer from hay fever will also likely experience a worsening in hay fever symptoms too. Amongst asthma suffers there are between 70-90% of them that suffer from hay fever, so can potentially be affected by symptoms from both conditions. 🤧🤧

Salt therapy can help to alleviate these symptoms as salt is naturally anti-inflammatory which helps open the airways and reduce inflammation as well as helping the body to expel the airborne pollen and mucus from the lungs. Not only that but salt is a natural antihistamine so during a session of salt therapy you can sit back and relax, while the salt helps to reduce the itchiness associated with hay fever as well as help to reduce the histamine being produced by the body’s response to the pollen and spores. 💨

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