I have suffered from allergies for years and I am unaware of the cause.  My skin would get covered in bumps and on occasion my lips would swell.  An antihistamine would help but it did not cure.

I met a lady who had also suffered and she recommended the Inverness Salt Therapy Centre as it had healed her.


Midway through my sessions I found a great improvement and was bothered less and less.  I can honestly say that attending these sessions, along with the purchase of a salt lamp, that I am rarely affected by any allergic reaction.  I also felt the benefit of the salt therapy which allowed my sinuses to clear.  The whole experience is enjoyable and everyone enjoys an hour of total relaxation.

Carol - Age 60's - Skin Allergies

I spent the last year on antibiotics and ill with the lung disease Bronchiectasis, infection after infection.  It made me depressed thinking I would never be well again.


Thankfully I was told about Inverness Salt Therapy Centre and I thought “just give it a try”.  This has been a revelation; the staff are very informative and friendly and after a month I was totally clear of infection and my immune system has been boosted.

I no longer have any infections and I have my life back and I’m happy again

Adrian - Age 57 - Bronchiectasis

Before I came to Inverness Salt Therapy Centre my larynx would go into spasm 3-4 times per week and I could not breathe.  Last time I had a problem was January 2017 and my larynx has not gone into spasm since.  Inverness Salt Therapy Centre has given me my life back.  It is so good.  I also have a salt lamp which helps a great deal.  Anyone with any form of breathing problem should try Inverness Salt Therapy Centre.  It is a life saver.

June - Age 76 - Paralysed Larynx

In January this year (2016) I became quite ill with a chest infection plus exacerbated COPD.  I was hospitalised for 10 days in February but was very breathless for many weeks after.  Several people recommended Inverness Salt Therapy Centre to me and to be honest I was desperate as I had never been so bad.  I could barely leave my house.  The first few times I was driven through as I was not strong enough to drive myself.  It took a few sessions for me to notice a difference but gradually my breathing was getting easier and I was not gasping anymore.  In all I had 24 treatments and I am amazed at the difference it has made to me.  I am able to do things I did not think I would be doing.  I would recommend it to anyone, especially with breathing problems.  I will definitely be back to Inverness Salt Therapy Centre, I love the relaxation and Yasmin is so friendly.

Maureen - Age 68 - Asthma and COPD

My son's experience at Inverness Salt Therapy Centre has been very positive.  Has had asthma since he was a baby and by the age of 5 was taking a high dose of steroid inhalers daily, using a Ventolin inhaler more than often and also required an oral steroid or was even hospitalised when he caught a viral infection.

I heard about Inverness Salt Therapy Centre through social media and decided to give it a shot.

Initially, my son had fifteen one hour sessions, two or three times per week.  Another block of ten sessions were bought and used whenever my son had the start of a viral infection or every few months.

Since using Inverness Salt Therapy Centre my son’s asthma has improved massively.  He has only had to use oral steroids once over the last year, has never had to be hospitalised for his asthma and the dosage of steroid inhaler he takes has now been reduced.  Because his asthma has improved his overall health has improved also having more energy and much better breathing.

The staff at Inverness Salt Therapy Centre are fantastic! Very friendly, professional and organised making our visits to the centre more enjoyable.

Mum of Ollie - Age 9 - Uncontrolled Asthma

I was on steroid tablets every month from December to April at which time I decided to give Inverness Salt Therapy Centre a try.  I am happy to say since I have come to Inverness Salt Therapy Centre I have had no medication or steroids for my chest.  I just continue to use my daily inhaler but I have no need for any extra medicines.  My life has improved so much.  Thank you Inverness Salt Therapy Centre and your amazing staff.

Shona - Age 69 - Asthma and Chest infections

After I got a bout of pneumonia about 6 years ago which resulted in a hospital stay and my introduction to “chest problems”.  I have been quite uptight whenever I get a cold.  Usually, sometimes that meant a snuffy nose for a few days for most people left me floored and on yet another course of oral steroids.  I hated taking those steroids!  Sometimes I had to have antibiotics too.  I frequently ended up at A & E on a nebuliser, my chest so tight I could hardly take a breath.  I was desperate for a different solution.  Surely there was something else that could help that did not involve inhalers and pills and all that stress!  In March this year, I got a cold…oh no…my chest started tightening, I was back at the doctor – more antibiotics for a chest infection – I was desperate!

Then I saw an advert for Inverness Salt Therapy Centre.  I phoned and got an immediate slot for a free trial session.  It is a very ‘clean feeling’ room, all white, with really comfy seats and footstools, fluffy blankets, dim lighting, soft music and the sound of waves gently crashing – Bliss!

Within 20 minutes I could feel the wonderful pure clean air penetrating my lungs and I felt so relaxed.  If you lick your lips you can taste the salt but otherwise, the feeling is just ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’ and VERY relaxing.

I have had a block of 10 sessions now and my lungs feel completely different – ‘Cleaned out’ is the only way to describe it.  I can take much bigger breaths in without tightness. 

The best bit is that for the first time in 6 years I did not have to take the oral steroids!  The infection cleared up quickly too.

I am totally convinced that Inverness Salt Therapy Centre is a fantastic resource for people with chest problems and that it really, really helps.

Alison - Age 50 - Chest Infection and Asthma Flare Ups

As I was due to start my course of treatment I was admitted to hospital with a bad chest infection.  I was discharged after 1 week but I was confined to my home for a further 2 weeks.  I then visited Inverness Salt Therapy Centre twice weekly and saw a great improvement in my breathing and also my general health.  My health has continued to improve and I intend to continue my twice weekly appointments at Inverness Salt Therapy Centre.

When I first started treatment, my condition was so bad that I needed 2 walking sticks to get about and I had to be driven by a family member to my appointments.  I now no longer need any walking aids and I can drive myself to all my appointments.

Ella - Age 81 - Asthma and Bronchiectasis

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